Saturday, December 13, 2008

OMG DLC! Fallout 3 Extras Deliver Fresh Cream to my Jeans

So I'm a little late on this one, but given that I see the Capital wasteland everytime I close my eyes these days, I think it deserves a better-late-than-never effort. Fallout 3's DLC will go a little beyond the scope of most of the DLC I'm familar with by offering new missions, a new campaign, and an entirely new city. Said city is the second of three to drop (March-ish); it'll be Pittsburgh, a city that escaped nuclear annihilation but has been ravaged by time all the same. You know what I want to see? Department store. Come on guys, you've already got the mannequins. Let's put them somewhere that makes sense.

The first morsel is a recreation of the famous tussle with those dirty Chinese for Alaska that we keep hearing about. It'll have new weapons and armor that'll be available in the main game. This is all wonderful news, but with 44 hours logged already I'm concerned this is going to pass from mere fixation to obsession. Bethesda, you ask too much of me.

Hit up Joystiq and Kotaku for more details and pics.

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