Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Verbinski Bags Another Video Game Title

Gore Verbinski, best known as the director behind the Disney smash Pirates of the Caribbean has just landed himself another video game movie deal. It looks like he's purchased the rights to a New York Times story about a Second Life affair in which a real life marriage was broken up when the wife found out that the husband had a second life mistress. Here's the Kotaku article. This is the second video game movie that Verbinski has bagged this year (the first, of course, being Bioshock) which leads me to believe that we might have another Uwe Boll in our midst. Here's to hoping that he's not trying to steal the crowning champ of shitty video game movie's thunder because I hear that Boll is a scrapper.

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Andy "Shabazz" Ochiltree said...

Brother - there is no chance that Gore Verbinski will ever be Uwe Boll. Despite being a Bruckheimer thing, Pirates of the Carribean was pretty tits. And The Ring's not bad either. I don't know about this Second Life thing, but I think he's going to do great things with Bioshock.