Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Actual Iron Man Suits

Those nutty Japanese have done it again. Apparently robotic help with picking up items is already available for Japanese consumers, but the tech is getting better. Below is a link to an article about a Japanese company, Cyberdyne(!!!), which has created robotic suit-ish things to help the elderly with all of those pesky stairs. The suit is called HAL (Hybrid Assisted Limb [hard to shake those 2001 vibes]) and it is an exoskeleton that supports its own weight and some of yours. Good news everyone. You can rent two legs for a cheap $2,200 a month (if you live in Japan)! So quit bitchin' about how 2008 eight isn't the future of flying cars and robots, and remember when you're watching most sci-fi movies from the 70s-80s that suggested our ultra future by 2005 (or 1997 in the case of escape from NY) that it's just around the corner. Pick one up today. I mean if this can help old people up stairs, imagine what it will be ale to do with young, vibrant people...


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