Friday, November 7, 2008

Show me your Persona

So recently I've been living under a rock and I completely missed this little announcement from Atlus. Another Persona's on the way and if you basked in the presence of Persona 3 this should give you a straight up boner. For the uninitiated, the Persona (shin megemi tensie [totally spelled wrong] in Japan) series spans back to the snes and is a classic amongst Japanese console RPGs. The most recent installment, Persona 3, was an insanely expansive game which was basically like Pokemon, the Sims, Diablo and FF rolled into one. You create relationships with people in a strange life simulation mode but after each day it's straight into the RPG in which you can persuade the monsters you fight to be on your side. It's an insanely fun experience, if you're ready to deal with the Japanese-ness of it all. However, I'm informed that the forth installment will becoming to the PS2? The third one was released on the PS2 march of this year. Really? I think it's about time to change platforms. Anyways below is the trailer video for it which is actually pretty lame because it's just a little anime thing... but at least you can laugh at it... or I don't know maybe you're into that sort of thing... Uh, enjoy!

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