Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TeachStreet: Interweb street smarts, fo' real

Former JibJab mentor and all around awesome start up guy Dave Schappell has expanded his site, TeachStreet (camel casing FTW!) to the Bay area. TeachStreet, also available in Seattle, is like eHarmony.com for continuing education. Meaning, they provide the means to hook up people looking to learn with people looking to teach. One big difference? TeachStreet's cool with jews.

TeachStreet's not in LA yet, but as soon as they are I'm going to try to sign up for some coding classes or video game design classes, you can bet yo ass. Here's that URL, for those that missed it:


DaveSchappell said...

Mr. O -- as usual, your writing is my favorite of the day (don't tell TechCrunch, OK?). Hope the JJ staff is doing awesome -- I miss you all!

Katie said...

Even though I'm not a dude, or someone who likes video games, I've gotta say... this post made me smile.

We'd love to help you find some coding classes in LA. Me and my troop will get right on that!

Until then, thanks for the shout out!