Sunday, October 19, 2008

50 Cent and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

I read about this game in EGM a few months ago, and could hardly believe it was being made. Here's the scenario:

"50 and his buddies fly to some vague Middle Eastern country to play a benefit concert, get stiffed for their payment (a diamond-encrusted skull, no less), and end up embroiled in a massive firefight with several warring factions over the aforementioned bling."

HA! I'll finish the rest of the story for you: 50 kills a bunch of Arabs, personally firebombs the cave of Osama bin Laden, takes a dump on the Koran and releases a new line of sneakers. This makes me wonder why we ever sent troops into Iraq in the first place when we could have just told 50 that Saddam owed him 20 large.

The game fell off the map for awhile, and then came back with a new publisher: THQ. Not that I've ever held THQ to any standards of excellence, but this is just hacky, irresponsible publishing. Do we really need another game about making the Middle East a smoldering crater? One with 50 no less? God save us all.

Here's Joystiq's post on the subject:

Here's 1up's preview:

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