Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Beatles: The Game: The Horror

It all started with The Wall Street Journal reporting the MTV and Harmonix have struck a deal with Apple Corps (the company that handles Beatles IP, not the people who make iPhones, dumass) to include Beatles songs in a future edition of Rock Band. It then turned that MTV, Harmonix and Apple Corps are actually developing a stand alone Beatles game outside of the franchise. WOW. Considering that Beatles tracks aren't even available on iTunes, this is a big, big coup for the gaming industry. Suck it, Steve Jobs!

Here's Kotaku's post:
And here's the WSJ story:

I love the Beatles, and I love video games. So it stands to reason that I should love this too, but I just get a bad feeling from this. Kinda like when I heard that The Who were going to jump on the Guitar Hero/Rock Band bandwagon. With half of both these bands dead, it just kind of seems like they're digging up the dearly departeds' corpses and giving them all a good humping. To quote John Lennon: "Imagine all the people...raping my rotting corpse."

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