Saturday, October 25, 2008

COD: World At War Gets Zombies

It seems that the world of gaming is experiencing quite an outbreak these days. First WoW's new expansion is overrun, then GTA 4 gets brain fever, Saints Row 2 has a hidden zombie mini-game, and now COD 5 has officially succumbed to the plague. Here's the deets, taken directly from Kotaku, because it's Saturday, Ann's parents are in town, and I have clean the damn house:

"It's a four-player co-op mode pitting you against endless waves of Nazi undead. Man, that sounds cool just saying it. The mode features its own economy economy in which things like buying weapons as well as making barricades and moving obstacles cost money. Yes, flamethrowers are involved."

I have to admit that the whole economy part might have sold me on it. Here's Kotaku's original post on the subject:

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