Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Counter Parry, Strike: AIRWOLF

You've unleashed the beast, Nave. In this intro to the magnificent 80s helicopter drama 'Airwolf' (also known as "Knight Rider in the Sky"), we get ______ ingredients that make a wonderfully ironic bouillabaisse.
  • A thumbing synth track
  • Explosions, explosions, explosions
  • Ernest Borgnine
What are you waiting for? ERNEST BORGNINE. Go go go!

Bonus Borgnine!


bill said...

you guys dig up the best stuff! this one happens to be available on netflix/watch now!! [http://bit.ly/113XGg]

SurgeFilter said...

Totally agree about the thumping (sic) best theme tune - Airwolf's theme, created by Sylvester Levay is so iconic and just summarizes many folks view of helicopters in general.

Did you also know that the official 2CD soundtrack for the 'Airwolf' series called AIRWOLF THEMES actually holds a world record as the most expensive TV soundtrack of all time and has changed hands on eBay for up to $1000 dollars a pop. The original artists, Sylvester Levay and Mark J.Cairns have newly-remastered digital downloads available direct from themselves now in 2010 though... their website is www.airwolfthemes.com --- great playing Halo to! ;)

Anyway you two, great taste in old shows and good too see there are other (respectfully) old farts that even remember it. It's worth it to see Ernie Borgnine in his prime alone.