Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fallout 3 DLC: Cream in Jeans 2.0

I wanted to make the title "F3 DLC: CJ 2.0", but found out that Roland Emmerich has a copyright on every acronym ever conceived.  Plus, the 2.0 thing is a little played out.  Everyone knows "Part Deux" is where it's at. 

Moving on: More Fallout 3 DLC shots!  Not much, but they're all froth worthy, to be sure.  The 'ninja' armor, in particular, seems to have spazoids boned all across the interweb.  I agree, it looks nice, but if it can't match my combat armor for defense and the tightly woven black mesh makes my penis sweaty, well then good by ninja armor.  Functionality over form, kiddos.  

Enjoy, thanks to Kotaku.

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